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Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

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  • 07/10/18--21:54: Bracia Sadownicy

  • Design: Studio Otwarte
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Juice
    Location: Cracow, Poland

    Bracia Sadownicy is a brand that sells pressed apple juice, apples and juice based sparkling drinks.

    The creators of the brand are Adam and Paweł, young brothers, whose family has been growing apples for generations. Besides fresh, unwaxed apples, the brand produces apple juices and drinks enriched with flavours from polish gardens such as quince, elderflower, currant or carrot. Pressed Apple – a 100% cold-pressed apple juice and Sparkling Apple – freshly pressed juice with a little water and bubbles, are simple products, all natural and incredibly tasty.

    We developed the complete visual identity of the brand – logo, key visual and packaging for all product lines: fresh apples, sparkling drinks and juices.

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  • 07/10/18--22:14: Good Mood Matcha

  • Design: by north™
    Photo on location: Leon Foggitt
    Studio photo: by north™
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Norway

    Matcha is a green tea from Japan, known to have multiple benefits; it boosts your energy and mood, it’s full of antioxidants and helps your metabolism.

    Good Mood Match is based in London, but the product is sourced from a small, family run tea farm in Uji in Kyoto – the oldest, and the best, tea growing region in Japan, ensuring an ethical and sustainable product of the highest quality.

    We built the Good Mood Matcha-identity around a pattern inspired by the shapes and colors that naturally appear when stirring the tea powder in water. This, paired with a hand-drawn wordmark, crisp, legible type and negative space, gives the brand a strong visual impact, and highlights the products health benefits across packaging and other brand applications.

    Good Mood Matchas bar can be found at London’s Old Spitalfields Market, where they are serving up classic matcha drinks and seasonal specials.

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  • 07/10/18--23:11: Edible Insects

  • Design: Ghada Wali
    Project Type: Student
    School: Istituto Europeo di Design IED Firenze
    Course: Graphic design Degree
    Packaging Content: Edible Insects
    Location: Italy

    Insect-protein industries are growing, this is one of the strangest/challenging projects I have worked on, How can I ever make an Edible Insect brand feel appetising/or lets say less disgusting?! The beauty in the details of insects was the insight to build on the visual identity. The biggest challenge is to create an appeal rather than develop repulsive insectological associations and not to shock unprepared consumers with options for serving, and to use illustration to communicate beauty.

    This project is about creating the packaging and the visual identity concept for an edible insect brand. The main challenge is to transform the association of disgust into beauty. Thus, the visual solution is based on a handcrafted illustration demonstrating artistic take, colour and detail.

    It creates a break through in the introduction of insects edible products in a Western market .Edible insects have a huge culinary potential that is only beginning to be explored in the West.

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  • 07/11/18--23:44: Kirki

  • Design: slab
    Designer: Nikos Giuris
    Photographer: Giorgos Oikonomou
    Web Developer: Aris Lamprou
    Illustrator: Stavroula Oikonomou
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Kirki
    Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Jewelry
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Stamp

    Kirki is a jewelry brand from Greece. It is the outcome of the inner need for expression and depiction of emotions, thoughts and dreams, through the artistic process. Without a strict thematic line, and with a wide range of influences, it presents distinct handcrafted jewelry. The materials used vary, and are enhanced with every new idea. The most dominant though, are sterling silver and semi precious stones. The goal of our design is to reflect these values. The concept we delivered is based on stamps and typography.

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    Design: LINEA - The Spirits Valley Designers
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Maison Hediard
    Location: Paris, France

    Supported by LINEA, the design agency from the Spirits Valley, HÉDIARD developed 14 new exceptional crus. The new olive oils collection is unique, it’s an original product which represents the spirit and the know-how of Hédiard for over 160 years. This prestigious collection is presented in precious bottles with a new brand identity. Each creation leads to emotion, meetings, terroir and know-how… Traditional and sophisticated, the labels are a journey to the heart of the HÉDIARD'S olive plantation in the heart of Sicily, in the Castevetrano region.

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    Design: Sub Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bonne Maman
    Location: France
    Packaging Contents: Jam
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, glass

    Bonne Maman (literally "Good Mother" in French), the leading Jam brand in France, wanted to have its say for Mother’s Day by creating seasonal packaging for this special occasion. The idea was to create a unique, one-off jam recipe for all mothers, presented in a beautiful box to make it a present which could be kept and re-used. To this end, SUB was asked to create the graphic identity and labelling of the box.

    Creating something unique and exceptional to reflect the creativity, delicious taste, attention to detail and genuine affection which Bonne Maman combines to make this surprising jam.

    Our response
    Meticulous, detailed work on all elements of the packaging:
    • Work on a graphic style focused on spring: fruit and flowers.
    • Creation of a unique name which encourages consumers to daydream and to feel like they’re getting away from it all.
    • The concept of it being a gift is emphasised to help create precious memories of the day.
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    Design: Getbrand
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Volga Ice
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Ice cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

    For Volga Ice we created a new brand of ice cream "From our yard" with natural cream and classic flavors.

    A task
    The concept of the brand "From our yard" was developed during the workshop, conducted by Getbrand agency for Volga Ice employees. Before the training, all participants were given the task to collect quotes of consumers about ice cream.

    Identified insight, which formed the basis of the brand, sounded like this: "I would like to feel like a child once more, but I can not escape from everyday vanity."

    First, we define the value portrait of the target audience of the new brand. These are rather conservative people who adhere to the traditional values. As a rule, they are convinced that earlier it was better, and modern changes negatively affected the quality of products.

    On an emotional level, they are looking for the feelings of security and serenity that they experienced in their childhood. This search might be, as in 50, as in 25 years as well, so initially in the idea of ​​the brand there are no template references to the Soviet era. Childhood, like the feeling of nostalgia, is much broader and deeper than the historical framework and stereotyped ideas about this or that era.

    As a key trigger for childhood nostalgia, black and white children's photographs were chosen.

    The close acquaintance with the company's employees after the workshop and their enthusiasm for their work inspired us to the idea of ​​using children's photos of the employees themselves and putting them on the packaging. So the brand "From our yard" became the voice of the history of the whole enterprise and found a deeply personal legend.

    Children's photos and quotes from employees - from the general director, chief technologist, logisticians to sales managers - were placed on ice cream packages. There was a whole group of kids, whom we combined under the name "From our yard".

    On the reverse side you can also see them, but grown-ups, telling their childhood dream: "When I was a little girl I dreamed of 500 ice cream, and now I work at the ice cream factory". It turned out a very spiritual story from the first person, which builds a trustful warm relationship with the buyer. And without any doubts people can see that the ice cream has an excellent quality, because the creators vouched for him with their own responsibility and childhood dream.

    "From our yard" is a delicacy, supposedly creating a foretaste of a holiday for the child who lives inside us!

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    Design: Getbrand
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Volga Ice
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Ice cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

    Volga Ice has expanded its portfolio with a new brand of ice cream for children, RazDvaIce. The concept of the brand and packaging design was developed by Getbrand.

    A task
    After the audit of the brand categories of Volga Ice portfolio, it became clear that in the children's category they do not have a strong brand. In the company's portfolio was the brand of fruit ice "Ledyshkin." However, the name perceived by moms as ambiguous and distinctive design made this brand weak and inexpressive.

    The qoute of consumers was: "I would like to please and surprise my child, to be a real magician for him, receiving in return sincere gratitude, but I haven’t enough time and imagination to think of how to please him." Ledyshkin did not fit into this concept. We needed to create a new brand that could take hold of the hearts of children.

    Having collected all the ideas together we created the brand "RazDvaIce", whose name resembles a counting-down, gives a clear connection with ice cream and instantly involves the game.

    Design continues the concept of the brand name. Our target audience is children from 3 to 10 years old.

    This is the age when emotional contact is important: brightness, surprise, connection of fantasy, elements of the game. Children like bright characters, and we decided to take on this idea, turning the packaging of ice cream into a merry monster. Depending on the taste, he shows different emotions.

    However, one bright package is not enough to take possession of the child's heart. We needed an additional WOW-effect. We added "interactive" taste. "RazDvaIce" is not just a boring usual ice cream, it's an explosion of taste. This is the surprise and small miracle that every child is waiting for. In the children's line there are only 2 tastes: "bubble-gum" with explosive caramel and "watermelon" plus explosive caramel. We decided not to expand the line, knowing that children do not need a large assortment. They are quite conservative and choose their favorite taste once and forever.

    The main message in the communications: show your concern. Parents want to see the joy in the eyes of the child, hear the words of approval and gratitude, feel the pleasure of giving a feeling of celebration and magic.
    "RazDvaIce!" - is an ice cream, created specifically to bring children into raptures.

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  • 07/11/18--23:46: Nadarra Cosmetics Rebrand

  • Design: Jenny Dox
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Nadarra Cosmetics
    Location: Brighton, UK
    Packaging Contents: Facial Oil, Body Butter, Face Cream, Lip Balm
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass droppers, metallic tins and plastic pots
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Nadarra is a family-run business based in rural West Sussex, England. Their handmade products are all-natural, ethically sourced and 100% organic. They take pride in being fully hands-on in the process of crafting and creating their cosmetics, from source to bottle.

    The updated branding and package design elevate the positioning of the brand to reflect the premium ingredients and care that go into each bottled piece.

    Nadarra, inspired by nature, created with love.

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  • 07/11/18--23:46: Balmoral Serie Signatures

  • Design: Van Heertum Design VHD
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Royal Agio Cigars
    Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands
    Packaging Contents: Premium Cigars
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood and paper labels, label rings
    Printing Process: Printing, foil stamping, embossing

    Royal Agio Cigars is introducing Balmoral DUETO. This is the first handmade cigar blend released under the new collaboration-based Balmoral Serie Signaturas platform and features a team up of Royal Agio Cigars’ CEO Boris Wintertmans and E.P. Carrillo’s legendary Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo. While each cigar maker has a unique and personal style, they share a philosophy that passionate curiosity is essential to discovering and enjoying the best life has to offer.

    DUETO was blended by Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo and was crafted to excite the senses and incorporates each cigar maker’s hand-selected, preferred tobaccos. DUETO delivers a special, one-of-a-kind sensorial experience including Pérez-Carrillo’s signature elegant robustness and Boris Winterman’s balance of sophisticated complexity and smoothness.

    Van Heertum Design was asked to translate this special cooperation into an eye-catching packaging design and to create the global branding for this unique cigar experiment, that was recently introduced to the U.S. market in 5 different vitolas (models): Robusto, Ovación, Gran Toro, Gordo and Churchill.

    “The cooperation of two legends, from different parts of the world, is translated in a smooth combination of two very different design styles”, explains Rob van Heertum, Strategy Director at VHD.
    The main creative consists out of two elements. The well-known ‘B shield’ (Balmoral), in a white - gold setup and a red decorative Cuban part, celebrating the cultural heritage of Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo. Clearly two different origins, melting together as one strong Dueto brand visual.

    “This main creative was the base for all design elements. Like cigars that are handmade, we wanted to use this craftsmanship in the design process”, says van Heertum. The decorative Cuban part is illustrated by hand. The curly figures secretly tell the life story of Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo, who originally came to the US from Cuba with his family. His first love was jazz music and he was a drummer before his love for cigars grew to big success. Therefore you can find music notes, drumsticks and even a drum in the creative illustrations.

    For the 5 different cigar models we created 5 different sized wooden boxes. We constructed the boxes in a slightly different shape than a normal cigar box and incorporated a thick right side as an extra eye-catcher in the store humidors. Combining two base colours, grey and red, to symbolize the cooperation between two parties, we kept the design very clean and modern, so that the Dueto artwork could really stand out. The main creative is used on the box as a printed label with eye for detail, using hot-foil for extra standout. The entire box, including the creative label and signatures of the two aficionados, is then covered with a high gloss lacquer to give it that exclusive look and feel. The box is closed on the right side with an extra decorative closing label.

    The inside of the box has the same setup as the outside to create unity on the selling floor (in the store humidors the boxes are often displayed open). The wooden inside has a natural feel and on the right side an extra space was created for easy access to the cigars. On the same side you can find the cigar model and size stamped in gold hot foil. The box displays 10 cigars in one layer. For each cigar we created a main and a bottom ring, fitting the cigars perfectly and creating a major standout from the box. Al rings feature the model name, creative illustrations and small details in embossing, hot foil and different printing techniques. To top it all off, a decorative semi-transparent information sheet is included in every box to give the consumer the story behind this very special collaboration.

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  • 07/11/18--23:47: Jeeva Coconut Oil Range

  • Design: The Brand Oxygen
    Graphic Designer: Sagar Patel
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Jeeva Natural UK ltd.
    Location: India
    Packaging Contents: Coconut Oil
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar
    Printing Process: Offset Printing

    Jeeva Natural UK asked us to rebrand our new coconut oil range with the new flavor. Also, the client needs the fresh idea with refreshing colors which looks products more natural and pure feeling. We used vibrant different colors to categorized products for different flavors and used jute texture for more natural feel.

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    Design: Lilit Malkhasyan
    Copyright : Mane Gevorgyan
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Yerevan, Armenia
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

    The word Chocolate derives from the Mayan “xocolatl” meaning “bitter water”. Chocolate was “food of the Gods” for Maya and it was the best present in their culture to give someone very special. The word “xocolatl” (later on used as Chocolatl by Mayan people) inspired me to name this product/brand Chocolatl and convey Mayan mood through this unique design.

    The main objection was to go deeper into the history behind the chocolate and present it in a new a fresh way.

    It’s nice to see people still giving chocolate as a present to people they love and care about. This design attaches new meaning and emotions to sharing chocolate with people who love it.

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  • 07/11/18--23:47: JBL (Concept)

  • Design: Anton Alekseev
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Packaging Contents: Headphones, Electronics
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic, Cardboard

    The concept about JBL - wich can be more opened, more bolder than now.

    And the audience will understand it, because pure sound will unite with great design.

    So, lets go!

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  • 07/11/18--23:47: Proestilo

  • Design: Angelos Proestos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Proestilo
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Silk Scarves
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plexiglass
    Printing Process: Hand-pulled silk screen printing

    My main focus was to create from scratch a scarf that can be worn in 6-7 ways and at the same time to bring a different joyful feeling to the individual while wearing it, each time differently.

    That research took me to create a scarf, sizing 180cm x 60cm. These dimensions occurred after measuring various types of female bodies in order to find the exact right sizing. Last -but not least- step was to create from scratch a packaging that will highlight the scarf and give the entire outcome a complete touch of a luxury and premium product.

    A packaging that can be used additionally as a fine small storage box, for various elegant accessories such as sunglasses, watches, small jewelry but above all as the main “ambassador” of the scarf. An assembled-by-hand Plexiglas box, branded in silkscreen print, is the packaging of a Proestilo scarf.

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  • 07/11/18--23:48: Aurora

  • Design: Mairi-Anne Maclennan
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Premier Housewares
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland
    Packaging Contents: Glassware
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Window boxes
    Printing Process: Digital Printing, Foil Stamping, Spot varnish

    Drawing inspiration from the beautiful, dancing glow of the Northern lights, a colourful gradient was carried across the boxes to complement the lustre finishes on the glassware. To finish details of holographic foiling and spot varnish are seen around the boxes to mimic the flickering lights of an aurora.

    What's Unique?
    Eye catching colourful packaging, with details of holographic foil around the box.

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  • 07/11/18--23:48: Tea Fresco

  • Design: Alma
    Creative Director: Juan Alvarado
    Art Director: Patricio Arevalo
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tes del Ecuador
    Location: Quito, Ecuador
    Packaging Contents: Tea, Ice Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Digital Printing

    A cold infusion based on Hibiscus Flower or "Flor de Jamaica"; a plant that grows in several South American countries and is very popular around the world due to its medicinal properties. FRESCO, is a cold infusion by Sangay, that invites you to live the flavors, the freshness and exuberance of the Ecuadorian tropics. This design faced the interesting challenge of changing consumers minds towards the consumption of cold infusions; something not common at all in the country. The ilustrations for this design are an inspiration of Ecuador's jungle-like forests and tropics, that is why the design gives the consumer a fresh and exotic feeling.

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  • 07/11/18--23:49: La Terra Fina Rebrand

  • Creative Agency: The Creative Pack& Hornall Anderson
    Creative Director: Danielle Beal
    Designers: Corey Czer, Paola Ip, Heather Storie, Emma Tung
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: La Terra Fina
    Location: LA, USA

    “Clinking glasses and overflowing plates. Warm conversations sprinkled with laughter. Delicious food, simply enjoyed; these are the moments we’re made for.”

    From delicious dips to quiches, La Terra Fina has been using quality ingredients to make food you’ll want to share. The consumers love their products, yet often they don’t notice the brand who makes them. The Creative Pack and Seattle-based agency, Hornall Anderson, worked closely with La Terra Fina to create a new look for a long-term position in the marketplace.

    As the creative lead, Hornall Anderson was tasked with transitioning the dated branding and packaging system into an identity that was focused on the consumer’s experience and enjoyment. It was The Creative Pack’s challenge to apply the new look onto La Terra Fina’s entire line, including current and upcoming products; and to maintain the integrity of the brand for all packaging and branding needs.

    The Brief for The Creative Pack
    • Rollout design onto all La Terra Fina products, existing and upcoming
    • Determine new color swashes and ingredients combinations to differentiate products
    • Communicate La Terra Fina’s inviting, fresh and wholehearted qualities

    The Process
    It began with the phrase “A Generous Helping.” This phrase represents a brand that is ‘host forward’, inviting and considered, that is made for the consumers, who want to spend more time in the moment and less in the kitchen.

    The La Terra Fina wordmark is a signature to the dedication to real quality ingredients; it represents the human care that goes into everything they make. The hand drawn letterform moves in a joyous, musical rhythm that represents the inviting personality of the brand.
    A rubber-stamp like seal reinforces the commitment to quality and the timeless values, giving a small batch, handcrafted-feel.

    The design is a composition of watercolor swashes and ingredient photography that are artfully considered around the La Terra Fina signature. Like a poetic dance of ingredients, the photography creates a sense of rhythm and abundance while highlighting the freshness of the product. The ingredients feel as though they’ve been picked up from the market and are being chopped, tossed and thrown together in preparation.

    The packaging architecture was strategically designed to ensure La Terra Fina gets the credit and recognition it deserves for the real, and delicious food that it is. Inviting, fresh and wholehearted, the design creates the emotion a brand needs to connect with consumers and the longevity to stay relevant to the market.

    The Results
    Since the re-launch, La Terra Fina has received a positive response from consumers and retailers. La Terra Fina products can be found at grocery stores, specialty retailers and club stores all across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

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  • 07/11/18--23:49: Warriors Way Coffee

  • Design: AC Creative Studios LLC
    Designer: Alcindo Correa
    Printer: Roastar
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Warriors Way Coffee
    Location: Guam, USA

    Warriors Way Coffee is a coffee company located at Guam, a U.S. island territory in Micronesia. They are bringing best coffees to US troops and families, all of them with a military theme. They decide to create their own coffee using their well know brand in this segment.

    Our mission was to create a coffee packaging with Navy Themes and we learned a lot.

    In our research for this project, we studied not only the USMC history but American history and why defense is so important. We had to feel that.

    We developed this coffee packaging using colors and symbols that represent that and make the correct approach to the final customers.

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  • 07/11/18--23:49: Unicorn Cereal

  • Design: The Creative Pack
    Creative Director: Danielle Beal
    Designer: Heather Storie
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
    Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
    Packaging Contents: Cereal
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

    The Project
    As part of the 1000+ SKU private label program, Fresh Thyme asked us to create a design for a new range of 8 cereals. This staple product is Non-GMO made in both the natural and organic range for kids & adults.

    To set Fresh Thyme cereal apart from branded competitors, we designed the boxes with a bold graphic style while maintaining the Fresh Thyme look. Never done before, the unique characters and bold illustrations set Thyme Fresh cereal apart on the shelf.

    The Process
    The process began with determining how to translate the existing Fresh Thyme design into a cereal range that engages with kids & adults. We asked ourselves: “What design components should remain the same and what should be changed or added to enhance this line?” In 2018, we were able to successfully create a range with bold illustrations that merchandise well on shelf and maintain the Fresh Thyme brand.

    To maintain brand recognition we included Fresh Thymes farm horizon, their iconic tractor, a color-coded sky that coordinates with a bold product title, and fun handcrafted 2D illustrations. These bold elements distinguish Fresh Thyme’s line from other brands on the shelf. The line truly has a unique identity unlike any other private label.

    Though each product maintains these basic design elements, each product is given its own spin inspired by the products' characteristics. Our aim was to capture the nature of the product and excite Fresh Thyme consumers, creating products that really sell. The bold illustration component of the design truly helps in making the brand unique and recognizable.

    Each box has its own exclusive graphic that caters to cereal ingredients, name and demographics. To attract Fresh Thyme consumers, we incorporated bold and unique illustrations. These oversized graphics demand the attention of all demographics. With children in mind, we’ve designed fun and age appropriate characters to peek their youthful and curious imaginations; ranging from Peanut Monsters to Rainbow Unicorns, the designs are full of life and fun. While adults may too find themselves buying the boxes with enchanting creatures and furry friends, we’ve designed the oversized spoon illustration in mind of adults. Large in size, this graphic catches their eyes and pockets with the dynamic and interactive elements such as the milk splatters, buzzing bees and off-centered text.

    These dynamic illustrations all different in design remain – on shelves – cohesive and reminiscent of the Fresh Thyme’s core private label design, with a similar structure and strength, but a personality all it’s own. The design is bold, dynamic, fun and refreshing. This range of design stands out and incorporates a real sense of fun and engagement to compete with competing brands.

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  • 07/11/18--23:50: Mysteries of the Deep

  • Design: Design Activity
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Lidl UK
    Location: United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottles, Cans
    Printing Process: Lithographic

    Design Activity recently teamed up with Lidl UK to create a brand identity and packaging design for their latest craft beer offering that would stand out to millennials.

    The design takes inspiration from the stories and graphics of 1960’s TV series ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ to create 6 eye-catching design solutions.

    A range of creative territories was explored to create a design that would increase the presence of Hatherwood in-store, resulting in the aquatic theme, ‘Mysteries of the Deep.’

    A brand identity was created for this range that looks edgy and nautical for both cans and bottles, using illustrated images inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Six key illustrations are used against a nautical colour palette featuring a distinctive nautical name.

    Images of Hops heads were incorporated into the background illustration on each design to reference the different types of hops used for each brew. The hops illustrations are printed directly onto metallic substrate for both bottles and cans, offering the consumer further intrigue and providing a reference to the origins of the craft.

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