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Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

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  • 10/04/18--01:49: GONZO Packaging

  • Design: Viktor London
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Snacks
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine

    The challenge of attracting a huge age group with a design that are different, a fun and innovative. It must have some personality and can be a leadership in the category. A design that will be appealing to people of all ages since the product is loved by kids and adults.

    The packaging features portraits of "gangster" cats portraying a young and cool vibe to consumers.

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  • 10/05/18--00:56: Aqua Nutri

  • Design: Pragya Maloo
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Graphic Design
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Contents: Fish Food
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

    While fish are often thought to be low maintenance and easy to care for, they still have unique requirements when it comes to their upkeep. In fact, depending on the type of fish you choose, you might even find that they’re not quite as simple as you expected! The aim of this project was to design a packaging thats not only aesthetically appeasing but also functionally useful for the dispensing of food that fulfils the nutritional needs of the fish. Moreover, the dispensing mechanism in the packaging makes it easier to dispense food without having to touch it.

    The designed packaging essentially has:
    1. Simple instructions on how to feed
    2. An easy dispensing mechanism
    3. An aesthtic structure and simple, legible graphic elements on the packaging
    4. Information on the high nutritional content of the food
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  • 10/05/18--00:57: PuertoRoble

  • Agency: Load Comunicación
    Designer: Alberto Jaspe
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: PuertoRoble
    Location: Salamanca, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Iberian Pork Products
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft Paper
    Printing Process: Offset

    Design made for the brand PuertoRoble, for packaging we decided to unify the graphics of all its products with a geometric shape, along with patterns in same colors that differentiate each product by its title.

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    Agency : Shake Design
    Chief Creative Director: Maayan Reshef
    Designer: Estina Levy
    VP Account: Einat Mitzmacher
    Illustrators: Sofia Bonati, Tali Yalonetzki, Sharon Targal, Shira Zafrani, Roman Gulman, Lena Ravenko
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: AHAVA
    Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Packaging Contents: Cosmetics: Face mask, hand cream, foot cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

    Decades of research on the dead sea shore, combining the power of science with the understanding of the elements of nature. Ahavas’ earth is the Dead Sea, using its elements to create innovative products to stop time, bringing consumers a youthful radiance, lit from within.

    For AHAVA's 30 years anniversary we created a special limited-edition line of products, redefining beauty. Inspired by women all around the world, we believe that beauty has no age, no size, no color and no boundaries.

    Our 30 years anniversary concept was built seeking to break conventions and cross boundaries in many life aspects, Ultimately challenging perceptions of beauty, we chose several up-and-coming female artists to portray their own notion of beauty. We then turned their art into the heart and soul of a limited-edition line of products.

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  • 10/05/18--00:58: To the sky! | To the sea!

  • Design: Wellhead
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Yuzberg
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

    Branding agency Wellhead developed a new brand for Yuzberg brewing company.
    The agency faced a goal to create a new brand for mass-market, where the label and the name would become key drivers for brand-building.

    It was clear, that we needed in a bright positioning development that would be visualized in a good way. As part of Target Audience study, we found out that a lot of people were highly interested in military topics. On the one hand they are simulators and tactic shooters; on the other hand, they are who seriously interested in a military history, exploring technical equipment or weapon, taking part in reconstructions. It is insufficient a thuggish force and a masculinity for them in order to put forth in a real life.

    It was obvious, but there were not any worthy kind of beer for them in the beer market. So we made a decision to develop a beer brand for such kind of people, a brand with true heroes they would be like to.

    Brand name development became our next stage. We proposed to take a challenging way and use a name-slogan. Having made a compromise with a name consistency, we focused on brand truth and values in order to grab the attention due to naming. So two kind of beer finally appeared: lager beer “To sky!” and amber beer “To sea!”. It perfectly catches the brand spirit and inspires by an energy of motion.

    Brand consistency was achieved by visual set up: label architecture and total look of an illustration. Design-conception is highlighted by two key elements: first, this is a huge illustration. It attracts attention, draw from the environment of stereotyped beer brands. This illustration looks like an engraving from the ancient book about heroes and a war. It arises sensation coming down from the pages of classic pieces of art.

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  • 10/05/18--00:59: Les Délices

  • Design: Brand Loft Agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Roma
    Location: Ukraine
    Packaging Contents: Flour
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Flexography

    When developing branded packaging for flour we believed that ordinary things may and should be glamorous. The idea was to create packaging each glance on which would provoke creativity and inspire on experiment. The very name of the brand is associated with France, bringing the air of something special, stylish, colorful. A story about incredibly delicious baked products commenced with a color. A rolling pin and a whisk, the kitchen utensils often used by housewives while baking, are arranged on a purple background. Their outlines are easily associated with the “female” pink color .

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  • 10/05/18--01:09: Berlin Genuino

  • Design: Yani & Guille
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Men's Grooming
    Location: Argentina

    Berlin Genuino, 100% handmade in Argentina.

    The heads of Salon Berlin reached out at us to bring to life a whole new series of men’s care products from the ground up. After a deep process of investigation, proof and error, «Berlin Genuino» was born, offering a lineup of natural products designed, created and tested by real barbers

    To go with Berlin Genuino’s spirit, we developed a strong visual identity, but still sustained by a firm handmade personality. We included as well a set of illustrations and rough letterings for the labels, packagings and their whole communication.

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  • 10/08/18--00:59: Nikolaou Family

  • Design: ABC Design Communication
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Nikolaou Family
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Oil
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
    Printing Process: Bottle Painting, Screen Printing

    Nikolaou Family produced the extra virgin and certified Organic Olive Oil, “Nikolaou Family”.

    The idea behind the packaging was based on the organic farming of olive trees, that thanks to the soils’ purity, no use of synthetic fertilizers or any chemical additives, it produces a unique olive oil of fine quality. The bottles’ shape is simple, straight and painted white, so that the product is totally protected from light. All graphic elements and text all colored by the olive oil’s green color, emphasizing at the uniqueness and value of the product.

    Nikolaou Family’s name reference, the small family company, creates a branded product with extra credibility.

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  • 10/08/18--01:01: Pawridge

  • Design: Ananya Prabhudesai
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Packaging Design
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Contents: Pet food
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard coated with polyethylene

    The aim was to create and design a packaging for an organic proper dog food.

    What's Unique?
    The lid of the packaging is a convertible spoon.

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    Design: Matías Francolino
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Granja Limay
    Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Jam
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Cup
    Printing Process: Foil stamping

    Design of range of fruit jams traditional recipe. Granja Limay is a leading company of sweets and jams from Uruguay. It is more well-known in the local market for its products without sugar and dietetics, and decides to launch a new range of sugary products, for which a rupturist design was suggested that is differentiated from sugar-free products.

    A type of illustration that resembled the traditional was chosen. The same with the choice of typographies, hand-rigth, rustic and expressive, that also remember certain hand-made and traditional elaboration. To all this we add an abrupt cut of color to differentiate the recipes and give visual impact.

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  • 10/08/18--01:03: Resiliente

  • Design: Caliptra Creative Studio
    Illustrator: Jonathan Godoy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Resiliente Wines
    Location: Mendoza, Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
    Printing Process: Traditional Offset

    Resilient: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. We represented this word through this digitally made collage, of a woman holding a rock from which a flower was able to grow.

    What's Unique?
    The illustration, which was specifically made for this project.
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  • 10/08/18--01:04: Soft Touch Rebrand

  • Design: Shake Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Danshar
    Location: Tel Aviv Israel
    Packaging Contents: Cosmetics

    Soft Touch is an accessible yet professional cosmetics brand which plays two fields – The professional skin care products alongside lively make up products.

    As the brand imbodies both professional and fun values, our challenge was to find one language fit for both aspects. One that will bring out humor and expertise, warmth and boldness, accessibility and professionalism, all at the same time.

    For a bold and elegant look, the makeup lines of products are in black and white patterns. For a soft & professional look, the skincare lines of products are in several different spa-like pastel colors.
    The result is a clean identity pulling the whole range together, making it simple yet elegant and visible from a shelf view.

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    Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Graphic Design: Anna Rodighiero
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Sabadì Srl
    Location: Verona, Modica, Italy
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin can + label
    Printing Process: Copper hot foil

    From the first chocolate cellar of its kind, Sabadì offers a chocolate “scented” through a natural process. Thanks to its fat component, cocoa spontaneously absorbs the aromatic notes which surround it and maintains them over time. Chocolate scented with 7 elements for the production of unique chocolates in limited editions: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, and barrique casks.

    The motto “less is more” perfectly embodies the sleek and elegant design we created for Gli Affinati, the latest revolutionary product by chocolate visionary Sabadì.

    We designed a series of cards, inspired by botanic illustrations, a petite tin chest and the most simple label: the copper hot foil typography describes the product, while in the dedicated blank space, the specific taste is written by hand at the moment, just for you.
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    Design: Mario Mimoso
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Barcelona
    Packaging Contents: Cultured meat and fish, cereals, vegetables, juices

    Over the different missions, astronauts usually find space food unappetizing. This has psychological consequences both in the intake of food and in the mental fatigue of the space mission, which may last months or even years. An eventual colony on Mars should be provided with food from the Earth as long as it is not possible to produce its own food on the Red Planet. In this project, I've tried to design keeping in mind these two different scenarios: the journey to Mars and the everyday life in the colony.

    The main concept behind the designs is weightlessness. The products have been set in an low gravity scenario and they are represented in a realistic vector illustration style full of details, glossiness and bright, saturated colors in order to be as appetizing as possible. Besides no gravity, there is also a sense of movement. Every product has its own type of movement: explosive circular movement, straight linear movement, spiral movement… and also its own direction.

    The design is intended to be minimal: the logo from the space missions, the food illustrations and the basic nutritional information, simpler than it is here on Earth, without any other commercial input. The packaging has been designed in order to be user friendly, simple, understandable and ultimately aesthetically beautiful and functional: the use of the red color will stimulate the crew's appetite and the vivid color illustrations will soften the probable lack of taste of boring space food.

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  • 10/08/18--01:07: Tea-Cupboard

  • Design: Mary Vinogradova
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: KSADA
    Course: Graphic design
    Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Packaging Contents: Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Tea is not just a drink, it's an emotion, a certain memory of a moment from the past. The moment when we were just children and the tea was stored in the kitchen cupboard among other tasty things. That's why the packaging was created in the form of a tea cupboard, where three different tastes are stored. Thanks to this design package we don't need a time machine to return the feeling of pleasurable insouciance, because now it is available to everyone.

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  • 10/08/18--01:09: Dargett Craft Beer

  • Design: formascope design
    Concept idea, design: Karen Gevorgyan
    Concept idea, illustration: Armenak Grigoryan
    Project manager: Ani Gevorgyan
    3D visualization: Pavel Gubin
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bitter River
    Location: Yerevan, Armenia
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass bottle
    Printing Process: Offset printing

    Dargett is the first craft brewery in Armenia founded in 2016. In 2018, they came up with a new initiative to create craft beer for mass market. Our challenge was to create label designs for popular beer types.

    Dargett brewery came to us with already formed branding the basis of which was Babylonian world map that dates back to the 6th century B.C. We took this into consideration and continued the concept for the creation of labels by showing different parts of Bitter River. Thus, the geographical position of river crossings was used to express diversity of beer and the map encapsulates the completeness of beer varieties․ Each label has its color and shape, different one from other. Each flavor has its inherent color. In order to have craftier look and to emphasize the diverse varieties of beer stickers have been created.

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  • 10/08/18--01:10: Xiao Qin Ren

  • Design: Xian Gao Peng
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Xi`an, China
    Packaging Contents: Chinese liquor
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass printed with luminous ink

    Chinese liquor is a distilled liquor similar to vodka. To cater to young people, we made the packaging more fashionable and printed with luminous ink for sale in bars.

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    Company: Starbucks Global Creative Studio
    Design: Fred Carriedo
    Creative Manager: Jon Cannell
    Creative Director: Mike Peck
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Coffee beans
    Location: Seattle, WA, USA

    I was tasked to think as an independent agency and solve what packaging could look like for the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery from scratch. The logo and word mark were the only elements to preserve.

    My solution was a library of coffees and collector card system. Each coffee packaging would feature a one-of-a-kind design, with a bold visual brand language that would entice customers to experience new coffees.

    The packaging system conveys discovery through a large partially cropped Star R logo, and flexibility to let in-house designers interpret the origin, science & craft of each coffee lot through custom typography and art. The partially cropped Star R extends to the rest of the Roastery experience.
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  • 10/09/18--00:08: Casa de Mateus

  • Design: Baga
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Casa de Mateus
    Location: Lisboa, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Jam
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jars

    Creating a new image for the Casa de Mateus range is based on several aspects. Simplicity as a consumer appeal. The traditional reinterpreted through a new approach to the concept of classic. Great highlight for the fruit. A language close to the consumer. Reinforcement of product quality through labeling. All the labeling is surrounded by the 'field' represented by the green color, in a subtle way, evoking the existing labeling and creating the connection with the lid.

    We appeal to the senses of taste and vision. We reinforce the relationship that the consumer has with the brand. We are 'classical' because we carry the weight of tradition. It's the original recipe of grandmother or aunt, in a jar. The same taste, the same memories but now with a light and pure image that conveys the true flavor.

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  • 10/09/18--00:09: Boss Chicken

  • Agency: Eme Design Studio
    Creative Directors: Joel Martínez, Iris Morales
    Art Direction and Design: Ana Ruiz, Enrique Avalos
    Design Pauline Mateos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Boss Chicken
    Location: El Paso, Texas
    Packaging Contents: Liners, box, cups, bags
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard

    When thinking of chicken, the words rockin’ and sassy don’t often come to mind. That all changes when you see the branding for Boss Chicken. This branding emulates everything that was missing from the chicken game with spunky chickens that dance and surf through paper cups, liners, and t-shirts. The gritty, hand-drawn illustrations of chickens with pompadour hairdos, sunglasses, and styling combs give Boss Chicken an edgy and fun vibe, while the accompanying phrases and food icons remind you of the fresh, home-made food that Boss Chicken has to offer. All in all, this brand, like its chicken, is truly boss. ​​​​​​​

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