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Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

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  • 08/27/18--23:38: Greens - Nature In A Jar

  • Design: Bardo Industries
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Salad, smoothie, healthy meals
    Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Complete branding and packaging for a restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    Greens have been established as the greener and natural option for the everyday meal in Saudi Arabia, sourcing their produce from local farms all across the country.

    Greens signature product is the pre-made salad jar; each jar is composed of a mix of curated organic ingredients.

    It's Nature in a jar.

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  • 08/28/18--22:37: Fancy Sauce

  • Manufacturer : Fancy Sauce LLC
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Novi, USA
    Packaging Contents: Condiment
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: PET
    Printing Process: 4 colors

    We are set out to have a replacement for the standard ketchup, mustard, and mayo condiments. Fancy Sauce® stands alone and is the first fresh condiment on the market.

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    Design: BrandOpus
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: McCormick
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Herbs, Spices, Peppers
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

    Schwartz & Ducros owner McCormick has unveiled a European-wide redesign by global brand agency BrandOpus. The redesign injects a sense of dynamism and modernity across the entire European portfolio, showcasing the superiority and quality of the ingredients. The new visual identity is part of a multi-million pound 360 marketing campaign. As part of the campaign BrandOpus created a new key communications visual and redesigned over 1,500 pieces of packaging, set to launch across seven markets over the forthcoming months.

    The world turns to McCormick for flavour expertise; their wide portfolio of trusted ingredients is sold globally under brands including Schwartz in the UK, Ducros in France, Spain & Belgium, Margao in Portugal and Silvo in the Netherlands. Looking to further drive brand preference and relevance in today’s modern, foodie world, McCormick embarked on a full strategic relaunch with long-term brand partners BrandOpus.

    Encouraging food enthusiasts to get the best out of their home cooking, the redesign shifts perceptions of the brand from a provider of high quality functional ingredients, to an inspiration for creativity in the kitchen. The new design heroes the flavours, colours and textures of the natural ingredients through greater transparency, graphics that showcase the ingredients, combined with key benefit messaging and dynamic product photography.

    To further bring the sensorial nature of the brand to life, BrandOpus developed an evocative and distinctive key communications visual that evokes the brand positioning around ‘stimulating the senses’ and captures the superiority and quality of products.

    Olivia Neville, EMEA Marketing Manager, McCormick says “This is an incredibly exciting time for McCormick as we relaunch our herbs, spices, peppers and seasonings portfolio into a new modern jar with transparent label, to highlight the quality of our ingredients. The stand out on shelf and ease of navigation across the range has also been improved allowing shoppers to find what they need more easily. Since the jar now allows a spoon to be used, consumers can also perfect their favourite recipes!”

    Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, BrandOpus says “We wanted to create a more vibrant & dynamic look and feel that will drive impact at shelf and shift perceptions from a commoditised ingredient to an exciting source of flavour & inspiration for their cooking.”
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  • 08/28/18--22:43: Hoffmann Pharma Bodycream

  • Design: Motif Creative
    Packaging and Labeling: Muhammad Ikram
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hoffmann Pharma Body Cream
    Location: Germany
    Packaging Contents: Body Cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
    Printing Process: Digital printing and Foil stamping

    Hoffmann pharma approached us to produce some quality packaging and labeling. We took a long route and research a lot about every aspect of the label and after planning, execution was splendid using Adobe illustrator and photoshop. We used both techniques digital printing and foil stamping. In the end customer was extremely happy.

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  • 08/28/18--22:46: Cerveja Artesanal de Malanje

  • Design: BR - Design Firm
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cerveja Artesanal de Malanje
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beers
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
    Printing Process: Matte with Golden Foil

    Malanje is the capital city of Malanje Province in Angola. Near it, are the spectacular Calandula waterfalls, the rock formations of Pungo Andongo, and the Capanda Dam.

    Made with the purest water from Calandula, these craft beers aim to celebrate the region and its wonders, specially the rock formations of Pungo Andongo, considered one of the African wonders.

    The brand name is Cerveja Artesanal de Malanje, and it produces Stout and IPA.

    With bespoke details and ornaments, all previously hand drawn, the design has many graphic elements dedicated to the region and the country, such as the illustration of the rock formations on the top of the label and the medals, with representations of national symbols.

    The iconic black palanca is illustrated in the central medal, sided by the map of Angola and an illustration of hops, in a reference to beer.

    The layout was strongly inspired on the old African stamps, from the old Portuguese colonial times.

    The African colonial aesthetics are reinforced by the use of color, with typical Angolan tons of ocher on the IPA, so much present on the country’s natural landscapes.

    On the stout, we have opted by using dark blue label, with golden details in a touch of exclusivity.

    Both labels are printed matte.
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  • 08/28/18--22:46: Cornish Orchards Refresh

  • Design: Buddy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cornish Orchards
    Location: Exeter, UK
    Packaging Contents: Cider
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper labels

    When we paid a visit to Cornish Orchards for the first time in 2011, we met the real deal: a truly artisan, farm-based cider-producer still operating at a smallish scale, supplying shops and destinations in the West Country. Our branding system for the company brought consistency and uniformity across the range and changed their world. Distribution and demand took off and the company was soon acquired by Fuller’s.

    Still the real deal and still based at their farm in Duloe, near Liskeard, Cornish Orchards wanted to take things to the next stage and strengthen their position in the premium cider market and fend off competition from new craft cider brands. They came to us to increase the stand-out of their brand and of individual sub-brands like Gold, Blush and Dry, both at the bar and on the bottle.
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  • 08/28/18--22:54: Mattessons - Redesigned

  • Design: WowMe Design
    Creative Director: Andy White
    Lead Creative: Ian Skelsey
    Senior Account Manager: Jon Cornish
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Kerry Foods - Mattessons
    Location: UK
    Packaging Contents: Cooked cured meats
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, film
    Printing Process: Flexography

    Kerry Foods briefed WowMe to create a new look for their heritage brand of Mattessons traditionally cured sliced meats.

    Mattessons has been a firm family favourite in the UK since the 1970s when they first introduced the concept of pre-packed cooked sliced meats to the UK market. Kerry Foods asked WowMe to design an updated look for their standard and premium packs. This look needed to honour the brand’s heritage but would also deliver shelf standout in the busy category that is full of own-brand products.

    Andy White, Creative Director of WowMe Design remarked, “We always see the updating of a heritage brand as a fun challenge. Designing for a new brand can sometimes be easier, but there’s another level of consideration when working with a loved brand with history” He added, “For Mattessons we needed to ensure that any move on wasn’t seismic, shoppers have a longstanding relationship with the brand so it was important that we created a design that retained some familiar cues whilst ensuring Mattessons retained their well-deserved place on the sliced meat shelf and would continue to attract new converts to the brand.”

    The new packs are now appearing on shelves in all major convenience store chains across the UK.
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  • 08/28/18--22:56: Free Lunch

  • Art Director: Britney Beeby
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Copy Writer: Brody Rossiter 
    Partner Brewery: Northern Monk
    Client: HonestBrew
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin can

    The beer 'Free Lunch' was born from many voices - over 2100 people helped HonestBrew create a recipe and name a beer online, resulting in each person receiving 3 free cans of beer. The challenge was to create a beer label that reflected the voice of the people who had a hand in creating it, and the means to which HonestBrew had been able to brew and gift over 6300 free beers. By winning a cycling competition for London startups, we secured the finances to treat our customers (and impress new ones). The use of a bicycle wheel’s spokes in the design is a nod to our cycling win & conveys the fact that they, the people, spoke... and we listened.

    After winning the Tour de Tech, a 6 month cycling race for London start-ups, and securing money to put towards a marketing campaign, rather than spending the prize on ourselves and our own advertising, HonestBrew decided to brew a beer for beer fans. That’s where the customers came in - by voting online for a style, strength, flavour and appearance of the beer, and proceeding to vote for a name. The label was applied to a once off, limited run of 14 000 cans.

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  • 08/28/18--22:57: Krama Wine

  • Design: Luminous Design Group
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Limnos Wines
    Location: Agia Paraskevi, Attiki, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Red Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper

    Krama is a delicate red blend of the indigenous variety Limnio and Merlot, from Limnos Wines. The label design is based on a system of blue linear highlights, referring to the vineyards and their dark-coloured grapes, as well as the blend of it’s varieties.

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  • 08/28/18--23:34: c a r e | products

  • Design: Zá Scalon
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Curitiba, Brazil

    The Care Products is a project where "Care" illustration are applied into soda cans, books and paper cups.

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  • 08/29/18--00:08: The 7th Store Puff Pastry

  • Design: 3Force
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Pastries
    Location: Xiamen, China

    3Force created the beautiful pastry packaging for 7th Store which is a puff pastry product. The design features aesthetically pleasing flat-style pattern and illustrations of cute pastries.

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  • 08/29/18--23:25: B-Losson Beer

  • Design: Icaro
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: B-Lossom Brewery
    Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
    Packaging Contents: Pale Ale, Blonde Ale and Porter beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
    Printing Process: Flexography

    Label design for this new beer brand B-Lossom. Located in San José del CAbo, Baja California. They're entering the market with 3 beer styles (porter, pale ale and blonde ale) Each one with a unique color palette, and reinterpreted classic style. The logo was already given, so the task was to design a label accordingly to its style and shapes. The handcrafted beer is a growing market here in Mexico, son the desigh ought to be outstanding enough to compete and catch the eye of the consumers. Mexicans are not afraid of color so we use it boldly and with out restraints, but trying to keep it clean and stylish.

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  • 08/29/18--23:26: Peroni Nastro Azzurro

  • Design: Nude Brand Creation
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Asahi UK
    Location: London, Uk
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper Labelling, Glassware
    Printing Process: Rotogravure

    Super-premium Italian beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro has announced a new logo, bottle and glassware, with identity and packaging developed by Nude Brand Creation. The renovation is the most significant for the global brand since 2005 and re-affirms the brand’s position as a global Italian style icon.

    With style at its heart, Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s new bottle and glassware is a beautiful, sleek and stylish new design which takes inspiration from the brand’s rich history, re-introducing iconic elements.

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    Design: Fabula Branding
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Zhdanovichy Agricultural Combined Plant
    Location: Minsk, Belarus

    Zhdanovichy Agricultural Combined Plant launched a new range of organic products covered by the Euro-leaf certificate – a sign of the official European organic products certification system.

    There are few products of this kind on the Belarusian market. However, local customers are already familiar with the so-called greenwashing marketing, i.e. claiming that a product is eco-friendly when it is actually not. The new trademark had to emphasize the advantages of the product that make it stand out from its “green” competitors – its naturalness and authenticity.

    The name Anyutiny Gryadki (a reference to the Russian name of the well-known flower heartsease, making it more memorable) sets a proper tone and illustrates the nature of the product. The manufacturer is not anonymous anymore, but is perceived as a diligent farmer taking care of his own vegetable garden.

    The product itself is simple and natural. Therefore, the package had to meet two criteria at once: assure the customer of quality and safety and show the “green” nature of its contents. This effect is reached by the shape of the label resembling a garden bed with sprouts and a tablet among them with a logo written in a large and soft font on a warm wooden background. The label is universal and may be used on any product in the range.

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  • 08/29/18--23:27: Milka Chocolate

  • Design: LPK
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial
    Packaging Content: Chocolate snacks
    Location: Global

    Milka Chocolate Debuts New Identity & Refined Look for Global Brand Refresh

    Partnered with LPK, the Alpine chocolate brand evolves its identity to tell a stronger story at shelf

    Mondelēz International’s chocolate brand, Milka, is unveiling a new identity, reflected in the updated look and feel of its core product range. Developed by brand and innovation consultancy LPK, the transformation aims to better convey the Alpine heritage of the brand and shift toward a richer, more natural flavor experience. The brandmark is softened with a “splash” to dot the ‘i,’ while the emblematic lilac cow gains prominence, thanks to a simplified yet graphical Alpine landscape.

    "For many years, Milka has been associated in consumers' minds with tender moments and the unique, melting taste of chocolate made with Alpine Milk," explains Karine Chik, Marketing Director, Chocolate Europe at Mondelēz International. "We're always working on how to convey that narrative to chocolate lovers in new and innovative ways. This initiative has achieved that and represents the latest chapter in a rich and successful story of growth for the Milka brand."

    Swapping the long-used glossy substrate for a matte, velvet-like texture, the new packaging mimics the product’s high quality and focus on more natural ingredients. In addition, the Milka cow now faces toward the mountains and an overall edit simplifies the pack, focusing on the core product story: “tenderness is inside.”

    “LPK has long partnered with Milka on the strategic evolution of its brand on a global scale,” says Amy Steinmetz, VP, Managing Director, of LPK Europe. “This refresh is a defining moment for Milka: it’s forging a more direct connection with the consumer and celebrating the brand’s unique story in a way we’ve never seen.”

    The redesigned Milka range is now available on shelves throughout Europe with plans to roll out globally.
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  • 08/29/18--23:28: My Yeti

  • Design: Live Animations
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: My Yeti
    Location: New York, USA
    Packaging Contents: Ice cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

    Ice cream with a cartoon in augmented reality My Yeti is an innovative marketing solution that has no analogs in the world. The main idea of the My Yeti project was to combine cartoons with augmented reality and ice cream to create a product that children and their parents would love. We developed cute main characters - a funny family of snow people who came to us from a distant planet and created 20 cartoons of the first season with starring these characters. All cartoon series are placed on 5 types of ice cream in random order.

    This marketing solution has made it possible to change the motivation for buying the product - now the children and their parents are buying ice cream not just for the sake of taste, but also for to watch a new series of AR-cartoons and collect the whole set.T his led to a rapid increase in sales and repeat purchases. The AR solution was created by IT company Live Animations.

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    Design: Shanshan Chen
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Pratt Institute
    Course: Fragrance Design
    Tutor: Marc Rosen
    Location: New York
    Packaging Contents: Fragrance
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramics, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Ribbon
    Printing Process: Digital printing, Foil Stamping

    echo is a fragrance that expresses the complexity behind simplicity. The fresh notes of echo will embrace you in a seductive constellation of scents in motion. It is a floral-scented fragrance that begins on a pure fresh note, ending in complexity. echo is reflection and continuance. The twisting shape of the bottle involves continuance and infinity. It conveys a concept that one individual may look similar to many others in this big world at first glance. However, there are actually infinite ways of understanding this individual. This fragrance creates the imagination of smell, echoing in your mind continuously.

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  • 08/29/18--23:30: Peacocks Coffee Roasters

  • Design: Rafael Maia
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Peacocks Coffee Roasters
    Location: Monza, Italy
    Packaging Contents: Coffee
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Offset Printing, Foil stamping

    Peacocks Coffee is based in Monza, Italy and it was founded by two brothers, Matteo and Riccardo Pavoni. According to them coffee can have spectacular character and flavour profile. The company’s aim is to select and offer you the most unique and exciting speciality coffees they can find, changing regularly depending on seasonality.

    The product comes from research, experience and passion; it is in contrast with the dominant coffee tradition in Italy. They work to push forward the coffee quality in their country and outside by challenging expectations.

    A city and comune on the river Lambro, a tributary of the Po, in the Lombardy region of Italy some 15 km north-northeast of Milan. Monza is the third-largest city of Lombardy and the most important economic, industrial and administrative centre of the Brianza area.

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  • 08/29/18--23:31: Grow Sciences Mixtape

  • Design: Ognjen Rankovic
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Grow Sciences
    Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Packaging Contents: Cannabis
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass
    Printing Process: Digital Printing

    Grow Sciences approached me with the task to come up with a unique, minimal and retro looking packaging inspired by the hip-hop culture. The initial request also included designing 8 labels for jars containing the herbs.

    Afterwards, the collaboration continued and we developed more than 50 sticker labels so far. So stay tuned, more material is coming in the future.

    The idea behind this box and the artwork follow in the footsteps of musicians releasing mixtapes while perfecting their craft. This is the Grow Sciences Mixtape - a one of a kind combination of first flavors from the garden and our lab. Put on your favorite music and enjoy.
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  • 08/29/18--23:31: The Queue Beer

  • Design: Pavel Marchankau
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Minsk, Belarus
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

    The brand name was chosen for Belgian beer. The meaning of the word reflects the idea behind this brand:
    • A constant enrichment of product line bringing newly designed beer brands.
    • The logo is shaped around the letter Q which sounds consonant to the brand name.
    • The taste of beer defines the colors used in its design.
    • Starting from the letter Q, a line goes through the beer can which links a number of colors each symbolizing some taste, just like a threaded needle.
    • It designates a queue line.
    Queue. Who is next?

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